We recognize that our clients are not in the bond market on a continuous basis. So, we serve as their experts in this field. We coordinate the process from start to finish.

Determine financial feasibility

We help clients with their capital planning process. We help determine how much debt can be afforded and when.

Consider credit implications

Evaluating a client’s credit profile has additional implications for determining the amount and timing of future debt issuances.

Coordinate Timeline

We coordinate the evaluation of legal matters with bond counsel, and the client’s internal legal counsel, if any.

Clients we serve

Special Districts

o Municipal Utility Districts
o Water Control & Improvement Districts
o Improvement Districts
o Municipal Management Districts
o Levee Improvement Districts
o Road Districts
o Tax Increment Zones & Redevelopment Authorities


o Charter Schools
o Private Schools
o Independent School Districts


o Public
o Private


o Health Care
o Cultural Arts
o Social Services


o Cities
o Counties
o Port Authorities
o Regional Water Authorities
o Municipalities
o Housing Authorities
o Tobacco Securitization
o Solid Waste Utility
o Sports Facilities
o States & State Authorities
o Convention Authorities
o Development Authorities

Work with Us

Our employees enjoy an environment of mutual respect, service, life-long learning, shared professional experiences and mutual reliance. Our younger employees know that a driving purpose of the organization is to help them build fulfilling positions within the firm and the community. We have each other’s backs.

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